Farm Stay/ Bed & Breakfast

Address: 6200 Hwy 35
Contact Name: Theresa draper
Business City: Parkdale
Business State: OR
Business Phone Number: 541-490-8113
Long Business Description:

3rd generation family owned since 1962. Open year-round, self serve after hours. Non-pasteurized ciders sweet and now hard ciders. Fresh or frozen apple and specialty flavors. U-Pick or we pick cherries,peaches,apples pears strawberries. All natural premium lamb cuts. Our famous cinnamon sugar dried apples. Petting zoo. Vacation rental available for family’s to stay on the farm.

Address: 31 Nestor Peak Rd
Contact Name: Talia Hammond
Business City: White Salmon
Business State: WA
Business Phone Number: 641-352-0658
Long Business Description:

Through its certified organic farm, herbal CSA, workshops, and farmstays, Jean Marie’s Garden offers people a way to easily and sustainably incorporate the power of herbs into their healthcare and culinary practices.

Address: 6 Lyle Snowden Rd

Contact Name: Kiva Dobson
Business City: Lyle
Business State: WA
Business Phone Number: 5414008147
Long Business Description:

Our certified organic operation uses dryland farming techniques in Lyle, WA to produce fruit and pasture. Our on-farm winery focuses on healthful products with minimal ingredients.

U-Pick: plums, grapes, vegetables, apples.

Specialty Items: Butter, Chutney, Jelly, Jam, Infused Vinegars etc.

Address: 1098 Hwy 97
Contact Name: Paulette Lefever Holbrook
Business City: Goldendale
Business State: WA
Business Phone Number: 509-261-0006
Long Business Description:

The Lefever Holbrook Ranch in Goldendale Wa offers unique farm stay in a retired DNR lookout tower top of Lorena Butte and 1930s Shepherd wagons, they overlooking some of washington’s most scenic views. Enjoy educational workshops and local adventures through the Gorge. Tour the land and hear about Paulette’s ranching philosophy. You might even leave with some goodies like grass-fed beef, lamb, pork, chickens, turkey, ranch raised produce, baked breads, and more.

Address: 573 Sunnyside Rd
Contact Name: Michael Kelly
Business City: Trout Lake
Business State: WA
Business Phone Number: 509-395-3600
Long Business Description:

We serve our local community by producing high quality, sustainably raised food, year round. We are a family owned and operated farm that uses regenerative farming practices to grow soils and feed families.