School Garden Network

Gorge Grown supports educators and students through the Columbia Gorge School Garden Network

How it works:


The Annual School Garden Symposium provides students the opportunity to showcase their unique garden program. Students come together from around the Gorge to engage in hands-on activities and learn from each other outdoors in a day of garden-focused activities and demonstrations.



The Annual School Garden Teacher Training provides garden leaders and teachers the opportunity to share skills and learn about garden design, fundraising, addressing state standards through garden-based education, sustaining programs and more.



Tasting Tables: Gorge Grown Food Network and Oregon State University provide regular opportunities for students to try new fruits and veggies through monthly tasting and garden activities. We also work with Hood River School District to source more local produce for the lunch line by connecting Nutrition Services with farmers to ‘grow a row” for students.



School Garden Classes: Gorge Grown’s Jesuit Volunteer provides direct support to Wy’east Middle School Garden and Mid-Valley Elementary School Garden in Odell throughout the school-year weekly. These schools have some of the highest rates of hunger and poverty in the region, and the gardens provide students with nutrient-dense food and outdoor activity.