Our Vision & Strategy

GGFN aims to build an inclusive, resilient regional food system that improves the health and well-being of our community.

We envision a healthy, self-sufficient Columbia River Gorge where our food is produced with integrity and is valued, abundant, and  accessible to all. We are devoted to connecting and supporting local farmers and ensuring access to good food for everyone.

The Columbia River Gorge has been an abundant, food-rich place for millennia, but we are far from self-sufficient now. Our valleys are filled with orchards and wheat, most of which is exported. The water from shrinking glaciers on our mountains is decreasing each year and pressure from population growth threatens our farmland.

We believe that people yearn to be connected to their food and know where it comes from, not just by shopping locally, but by participating in a vibrant, connective and authentic food system. We strive to actualize this vision by investing in an interrelated suite of projects and partnerships. Our approach is strategically multi-pronged and we are devoted to ensuring access to good food for everyone.