Address: 2927 Eliot Dr
Contact Name: Amanda Thomas
Business City: Hood River
Business State: OR
Business Website:
Business Phone Number: (503) 307-8109
Long Business Description:

We are a small family owned and operated flower farm nestled in the Heights district of Hood River, Oregon. We have been providing our gorge-tested plants and bulbs, as well as our beautiful bouquets, to the area since 1983. Eliot Woods Farm was one of the original vendors of our local Saturday market, and we are happy to have helped people beautify their homes, celebrate special occasions, and fill out gardens both big and small. Ecological minded, we take pride in providing both cut flowers and plant starts that are not exposed to pesticides, and bouquets that are not laden with preservatives; we are able to pass on those savings to you! Whether you need something for date night or a large order for a wedding, we can work with you to get you the perfect arrangement.

Address: P.O. Box 130
Contact Name: Gretchen L’Hommedieu
Business City: Stevenson
Business State: WA
Business Phone Number: 509-427-5383
Long Business Description:

We raise and sell alpacas and sell the fleece which was recently sheared. Please come for a visit to our farm. We can tell you about the tremendous property tax advantages you can gain from raising alpacas even on small acreage.

Address: 5760 Seven Mile Rill Rd
Contact Name: Audrey Stephens
Business City: The Dalles
Business State: OR
Business Phone Number: 541-298-4487 or 541-300-0225
Long Business Description:

Family owned, naturally fed lamb, Shetland sheep fiber, yarn, meat, and pelts.

Address: 797 Saxton Bane Rd.

Contact Name: Merrit Monnat
Business City: Goldendale
Business State: WA
Business Website:
Business Phone Number: 512-963-6567
Long Business Description:

We raise pastured and grass fed sheep, for high quality lamb and wool products. We also raise meat chickens and grow various produce.