Other Resources

Small Business Support

Mid- Columbia Economic Development District (MCEDD)

Serving the Mid-Columbia region of Oregon and Washington, providing regional economic development coordination, business assistance, and industry development.


Small Business Development Center

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is an important part of Columbia Gorge Community College. Its goal is to provide business and technical assistance to new and existing Oregon business owners and managers in the Mid-Columbia Gorge area.


Promoting Prosperity (of The Next Door)

Promoting Prosperity provides education, business planning resources, and guidance to help Latino entrepreneurs set up or expand their businesses.

PNW Farming Support

Tilth Producers of Washington

Tilth Producers promotes ecologically sound, economically viable and socially equitable farming practices that improve the health of our communities and natural environment.


Oregon Tilth

Oregon Tilth is a leading nonprofit certifier, educator and advocate for organic agriculture and products since 1974.


Oregon State University

Celebrating over 100 years of educational outreach, Oregon State University Extension Services works to convey research-based knowledge in a way that is useful for people to improve their lives, their homes, and their communities. Regional offices are located in Hood River, The Dalles, and Sherman County.


OSU Corvallis Small Farms Program 

Offering services and expertise to emerging and experienced farmers.


Bullock’s Permaculture Homestead 

A permaculture site on Orcas Island offering digital and hands-on resources for practical solutions for sustainable living.


Washington State University Extension

Engaging people, organizations, and communities to advance knowledge, economic well-being, and quality of life by fostering inquiry, learning, and the application of research. Regional offices are located in Goldendale and Stevenson.

Regional Conferences We Recommend 

Washington State Farmers Market Association (WSFMA) Annual Conference

WSFMA is a national leader in the movement to increase access to local foods through farmers markets. Providing member services, education and advocacy to support and champion vibrant and sustainable farmers markets in communities throughout Washington.


OSU Small Farms 

A daylong event geared toward farmers, agricultural professionals, food policy advocates, students and managers of farmers markets. Thirty education sessions are offered on a variety of topics relevant to the Oregon small farmers and include a track in Spanish.


Women in Agriculture

This annual conference brings together farmers, educators, technical assistance providers and activists engaged in healthy food and farming to share educational and organization strategies, build technical and business skills, and address policy issues aimed at expanding the success of women farmers and ranchers.



With intensive training sessions, workshops, world class keynote speakers, amazing entertainment and networking, Organicology is a conference of its own class.


Goat Academy

Organized by the Columbia Basin Goat Guild, this event brings together diverse individuals with a common interest in goats.

Local Seed Grows Better Veggies

Portland Seedhouse The Portland Seedhouse was founded in 2014 in Portland Oregon, where it maintains a diverse seedbank of culturally significant varieties of edible plants with remarkable flavors and stories.


Organic Seed Alliance

Advancing the ethical development and stewardship of the genetic resources of agricultural seed


Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA)

OSGATA is a national non-profit membership organization committed to protecting, promoting, and developing the organic seed trade and its growers.


Territorial Seed Company

Territorial Seed Company publishes two catalogs yearly, one each for spring and winter gardening, both are full of planting and growing tips. Unique to Territorial Seed Company is their 44-acre trial grounds and organic research farm, located in London Springs, Oregon.

Distributors that Love Local Food

Hood River Organic

Hood River Organic CSA offers great produce and value added goods from the Gorge.



Provistaa is a specialty foods importer and wholesale distributor with a passion for authentic foods and flavors.


Azure Standard

Azure started as an organic farm over 40 years ago and has since grown into the largest independent natural and organic food distributor in the country.

Regional Food System

The State of the Local System

As part of an effort to understand conditions and trends in Oregon’s food system, the Oregon Community Food Systems Network has developed a set of indicators and collected data for all 36 Oregon counties.


Columbia Gorge Seasonal Crop Availability

Check out a listing of general seasons for local produce in the Columbia River Gorge.

Scaling Up and Sourcing Local Food

Bulk Buying

Azure Standard

Azure delivers more than 14,000 non-GMO and organic products to families, manufacturers and retailers across the nation. Customers love the many bulk and family-friendly sizes. Find or start a drop off spot near you.


Fill Your Pantry Market

An annual bulk-buying event organized by the Rockford Grange and featuring local growers from the Columbia River Gorge.

Food Processing Rental Equipment

OSU Extension Services

Find everything you need from cherry pitters to food dehydrators and canning supplies.

Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchens in the Gorge

A compiled list of Gorge-area commercial kitchens.

Resources for Meat Producers

Meat Processing Facilities

A compiled list of regional meat processing facilities.


Oregon Department of Agriculture Licensed Slaughter Facilities

This spreadsheet has contact information for all federal and state licensed meat processing facilities in the state of Oregon. These are codified by mobile units, brick-and-mortar facilities, in addition to species-specific facilities.


Portland Meat Collective

Portland Meat Collective is a hands-on, transparent meat school that inspires responsible meat production and consumption through hands-on, transparent, experiential education.


Lopez Island Mobile Meat Processing

This mobile processing unit (MPU), operated by Island Grown Farmers Co-Op in Lopez Island WA, is the first USDA approved mobile processing unit in the US. It shuttles from farm to farm three or four days a week, collecting fresh carcasses of cows, pigs and sheep that will become steaks, sausage, bacon and hamburgers.

Explore the Gorge

Farmers Markets

Discover all the produce, meat, value added foods and gifts that Gorge farmers and makers have to offer.



Pick your own fruit, veggies and flowers. Here is a list of local farms with U-pick in the Columbia River Gorge.


Cider Route

The perfect way to explore the variety of cideries in the region.


Fruit Loop

Enjoy a self-guided tour of Fruit Loop Stands along a scenic 35-mile loop in the Hood River Valley.


Gorge in the Gorge

Learn where to eat and drink your way through the Gorge.

Support for School Gardens

Growing Gardens

Growing Gardens works to reduce hunger and transform lives through the experience of gardening and growing your own food.


GROW For it! Garden Mentoring Program

Through this mentoring program, participants can learn from local experienced gardens, produce growers, and horticulturists.


Martha’s Vineyard Island Grown Schools

Island Grown Schools empowers a new generation of children to make healthy eating choices, learn to grow food, and connect to local farms.


National Farm to School Network

The National Farm to School Network (NFSN) is an information, advocacy and networking hub for communities working to bring local food sourcing and food and agriculture education into school systems and early care and education settings.


Farm to School and School Garden Program

Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Program is under two state agencies: Oregon Department of Agriculture and Oregon Department of Education. Find out more about state efforts, funding opportunities and other resources.

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