Address: 51 Thun Road
Contact Name: Sue & Sam Davis
Business City: Underwood
Business State: WA
Business Phone Number: 509-637-5597
Long Business Description:

Davis Family Farm produces certified organic garlic, and heritage breed pork raised on pasture with additional feed from a Washington producer of a mixed non-GMO feed.

Address: 806 West Steuben
PO Box 405

Contact Name: Laurie Walker
Business City: Bingen
Business State: WA
Business Phone Number: 509-493-2636 Ext. 1
Long Business Description:

Dickey farms was homesteaded 1867 Henderson/Warner Farms. It became Dickey Farms in 1921 & now spans 7 generations. Approximately 72 acres are farmed with rotating crops throughout the season. The crops harvested are: green onions, spinach, green cabbage, green beans, tomatoes, sweet corn, eggplant, peppers, summer squash, cucumbers, winter squash, cherries, peaches & apricots. the farm is GAP & Food Alliance certified.

Address: 40 Fordyce Road
Contact Name: Daryl and Sally Horn
Business City: Husum
Business State: WA
Business Phone Number: 509-493-8223
Long Business Description:

We specialize in sweet corn and strawberries. We have not used chemicals in the 8 years of working our farm. U-pick services are available. (Across from the Husum Golf Course). Check us out mid August into September for U Pick Corn.

Address: 5415 hw 35

Contact Name: Eliza Kelly
Business City: Parkdale
Business State: OR
Business Phone Number: 503-997-8308
Long Business Description:

We specialize in the small batch farming of 100% grass fed and finished beef, heritage pork and pastured poultry. All of our meat is locally and lovingly raised by our family. We own and lease property in 3 of our areas counties To ensure a variety of Premium seasonal forage for our animals.

Address: 1098 Hwy 97
Contact Name: Paulette Lefever Holbrook
Business City: Goldendale
Business State: WA
Business Phone Number: 509-261-0006
Long Business Description:

We offer Lorna Butte Natural Spring Lambs and 4H raised hogs. Monthly processing date starting in May through October. Wild plums, eggs and other garden produce available this season. Fall display pumpkins “extra large” ready in October. Stop by for a farm visit while in Goldendale, WA. For more information visit our site:

Address: 81330 Dufur Valley Rd.
Contact Name: Jim & Glenda Hanna
Business City: Dufur
Business State: OR
Business Phone Number: 5414672516
Long Business Description:

We are a family owned and operated business. We sell natural beef, pork, and lamb to individuals and restaurants in the Columbia Gorge and Portland areas. We deliver orders directly to customers homes, so they can enjoy the ease and convenience of not having to go shop for their meat.

Address: 35 Snowden Crusher Plant Rd
Contact Name: Maria and Patrick Simms
Business City: White Salmon
Business State: WA
Business Phone Number: 509-493-3348
Long Business Description:

We raise pork and poultry on our 21 acre farm in White Salmon, WA. Our animals are pasture raised and are fed organic feed containing no corn, soy or GMO. You can’t beat the taste of our pork, meat chickens or eggs.

Address: 5755 Mill Creek Rd
Contact Name: Mary Leighton
Business City: The Dalles
Business State: OR
Business Website:
Business Phone Number: 541-296-3859
Long Business Description:

Sandoz Farm brings local natural USDA beef and pork to our customers year round. We prepare our jams and pickled products in our certified kitchen. Vegetables and fruits are all grown on the farm. We are a family owned and operated business since 1880.

Address: 573 Sunnyside Rd
Contact Name: Michael Kelly
Business City: Trout Lake
Business State: WA
Business Phone Number: 509-395-3600
Long Business Description:

We serve our local community by producing high quality, sustainably raised food, year round. We are a family owned and operated farm that uses regenerative farming practices to grow soils and feed families.