Address: P.O. Box 815
Contact Name: De Converse
Business City: Stevenson
Business State: WA
Long Business Description:

On our family operated farm, run on organic and sustainable principles, we produce all things redworms and worm castings, and available in any quantity to you! This allows us to grow and produce our fine and unique pestos, and grow peppers, peashoots, sunflower shoots, moringa, Chinese water spinach, as well as more traditional veggies some grown in our aquaponics system (fish available soon), and some traditional garden style. We have quail eggs from our hardy flock of coturnix quail. We also produce tastey edible insects: mealworms and banded crickets.

Address: 108 Hwy 35
Contact Name: Doug Rigdon
Business City: Hood River
Business State: OR
Business Phone Number: 509-961-3260
Long Business Description:

Wholesale, retail salmon, we process, and smoke salmon in a parking-lot and need to upgrade our service FDA standards, to be able to distribute to our local community.