– From Market to Farm – Oregon Farm Stays Offer A Look at Farm Life

– From Market to Farm – Oregon Farm Stays Offer A Look at Farm Life


Have you ever thought, while shopping at the farmers market, “I wonder what this farmer’s life is like?” And then you find out you can actually do this thing called a ‘farm stay’, where you stay overnight (as many nights as you like!) on a working farm and find out. Wow!

Or maybe you never thought that at all because: Why would anyone want to go stay on a farm? “Won’t it be boring?” “Won’t it be dirty?” “Won’t it be uncomfortable?” And back to, “Won’t it be boring?”

Hold on there! Farms are never boring – just ask the farmer whose cows got out yesterday. Farms by their nature deal in dirt, but the accommodations where you sleep and eat are clean (of course). As for comfort, farm stays are as varied as the farmers who run them. Pick what works for you – from camping to 5-star accommodations and services.

How do you find farm stays in Oregon? Check out the Farm Stay USA website (www.farmstayus.com),  where you can search by state or activity or price or just about anything.

A walk in farm boots, if only for the weekend, may just be the start – to the way you look at the countryside, to what you eat, to how you buy your food, to where you live, even to your next farm stay.  It can be a game changer.

Step out from the market and onto our farms. Welcome!

– Scottie Jones, U.S. Farm Stay Association and Leaping Lamb Farm, Alsea OR