Composting worms, worm castings & Worm casting tea available

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We have composting worms (Red wigglers) available, to work in your well mulched garden, compost pile or worm bin. $12.50 for 1/2 lb. & $25 for 1 lb. (any multiple of this available). Worm castings available - small or bulk volumes. $2.50 per measured gallon. Worm castings are higher in plant available nutrients than any other fertilizer, compost or manure. We also have our famous Freshly Brewed Worm Casting Tea in original formula ($2.50 per gallon) or fully loaded formula ($3.50 per gallon). See our website for the benefits of using worm casting tea formulas on your crops and gardens and soil. We are a gorge-local family-run farm.