3000' sq ft greenhouse set up with aquaponics/soil hybred system

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30x100, New outer layer of plastic, Reflective shade cloth, Thermostat, Exhaust fan, Circulation fans, Breaker box, Wiring/conduit/lots of outlets, Tool bench, Shelving, 2 refrigerators, Canopy (outdoors), Pumps, Hand tools, Equipment and pond for aquaponics includes oxygen circulator and pumps, Overhead beds with circulation water system, Pumice bed, 10 4x20' beds and 2 4x10' beds with Dirt Hugger Soil. Dirt beds have pumice on bottom layer so you can water from below. Lots of Irrigation. 3 Beds outside, too.
This greenhouse can grow some food, for sure! We are too busy to continue with it, and deciding to let it go. No insect problems and has had no nightshades for over a year. Ready for tomatoes! 10K needs disassembled.