Gorge Grown Wish List

We are seeking the following items to help improve our work! Donors will receive an in-kind donation receipt.
Contact communications@gorgegrown if you are able to donate any of these items. Thank you!

For Farmers Markets:

  • New or gently used Canopies/ Pop- Up Tents
  • Yard Games
  • Bike-Powered Smoothie Maker
  • A-boards/ Sandwich Boards

For Fundraising Events:

  • Silent Auction Items, Examples:
    • Tickets to Entertainment or Cultural Events
    • Tickets to¬†Outdoor Excursions: rafting, skiing etc.
    • Vacation Home, B & B or Hotel Accommodations
    • Club Memberships
  • Wine Pairings for Harvest Dinner (3 cases per course)

For Columbia Gorge Gleaning:

  • Gas efficient Pickup Truck or Van to transport boxes of produce

For Our Office:

  • Office Space
    • Ideal: an office with space for 6 desks and a large meeting table, 1 private meeting room. Our current office space is $400/ month and we like to keep our overhead low
  • Printing Services for Signage and Event Materials
  • Laptop in good condition
  • Desktop in good condition
  • Garden beds for planting a garden outside our office
  • Space in newspapers, publication, websites and/or blogs to promote local farmers and our programs

For Fundraising Events:

  • Refrigerated van or box truck
  • Coolpup trailer for hauling produce
  • Storage space for our Mobile Market truck
  • Cold storage for produce distributed through Mobile Markets