Mt. Hood Town Hall Farmers Market
  • Dates: June – September
  • Hours: 2nd Wednesday of the month: 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
  • Location: Mt. Hood Town Hall, 6575 Hwy. 25
  • Contact:

Mt. Hood Town Hall Farmers Market returns to the upper valley this summer. Come and join your neighbors for fresh food, drinks, and live music.

Day Trip Attractions

Pick up some local fruit and nearby farm stands Kiyokawa Orchards and Mt. View Orchards to name a few.

Stop by the Hutson Museum to see an eclectic mix of rocks and minerals, Native American artifacts, military items from the two world wars, and local memorabilia, a small botanical garden of native plants adjoins the museum grounds next to the railroad’s two-acre National Historic Site. 

Grab a beer with and friend at Solera Brewery and enjoy the beautiful mountain view!